Feb 16

How to get free YouTube subscribers for your YouTube Channel

Getting free YouTube subscribers for your channel is not that easy. It is important to get started in the right way, to achieve a nominal success by your YouTube account. Here in this article, you will be acknowledged about how to start with YouTube and slowly getting in the path of having maximum numbers of free youtube subscribers for your channel.


Some of the points to remember to get high amount of free YouTube subscribers:

  1. Create content regularly:

Even if you can create one of the best videos once in a month, still the viewers will not be looking forward to your YouTube videos as you are not uploading videos regularly. Hence, it is important that you keep on uploading unique and high-quality videos at least once in a week, so that your subscribers will have the curiosity to see what next you are going to offer to them. The key success is that, you need to create as much video as you can, to get the maximum number of free YouTube subscribers to your channel. But remember to upload quality videos, rather than to upload poor-quality and copied material; this will surely backfire you.

  1. Description and tags are important:

It has been observed that, people do skip the part to read the detail given about the videos, but still it has a value; when people are searching for the desired video. So, you need to describe your video in a detailed manner, in a few paragraphs and always have an attractive title for your videos, to attract free YouTube subscribers towards your channel.

Many of us take tags for guaranteed; but the truth is that tags are one of the crucial steps to bring your videos in the search engine, when people are searching for the relevant words that has been used in the tags for your videos. So remember to add more than one relevant tags for your videos; never include irrelevant tags. Use multi-word tags and as well single tags for your videos.

  1. Be unique, don’t follow the crowd:

If you want to have as many as youtube views as possible, then you need to be unique and creative when it comes to creating your videos; don’t just create and upload videos which everybody is uploading, it may not come to your viewers’ attention, as they are plenty of videos related to the topic already. First of all, decide on what Niche your YouTube channel will be; will it be on one topic like horror, real stories, comedy, how to do videos, decide that first. Choose the niche, which is your passion, so that you are able to come up with an unique and high-quality videos, so that viewers get attracted to it and you get a lot of free YouTube subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Dec 23

4 Ways to Get Free Instagram Followers

Many businesses think that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media platforms that they should incorporate into their marketing plans. However, they’re missing out on tons of eyes and loyal fans by neglecting to add Instagram to their marketing mix. Sure, Instagram is a fun app that allows you to share you whimsical photos in real-time and follow others lives as they depict their lives for the world to see, but it’s also a great way to market your business to your existing fans and gain more. If done right, you won’t even need a massive budget to gain more Instagram followers and the best thing is that you can actually do it for free!

When done properly, Instagram can help you promote your products or services, allows you to get more leads and even make more sales. To get some free Instagram followers, here are a few tips on how to improve your Instagram marketing efforts:


  1. Let Fans Know Your On Instagram

The number one way to get free Instagram followers is to let your Facebook and Twitter fans know that you have an account. Tweet it out and place it on your Facebook status so that they can go and follow your Instagram account. You can even link your accounts to Instagram so that your pictures end up on those networks and your fans can then go and follow there.


  1. Do An Instagram Contest

To get more freeInstagram followers, run a special Instagram contest where you have participants like your account and use a specially made hashtag. They also have to share it on their own Instagram account to be eligible to win a prize. If the prize is really alluring, you’ll have so many fans by the end of the contest and the best part about it is that it’s all free! Just remember to publicize your contest on Facebook and Twitter so that your fans on that network can go and enter, too.


  1. Snap Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Don’t just make your Instagram account about your products or services. Instead, show what your company is all about. Give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your company tick, who works there and what makes you such a great company. Fans will appreciate these pictures more than just being bombarded with nothing but product pictures on their Instagram feed.


  1. Get Creative

To gain free Instagram followers get creative with your photos. With so many picture apps out there, you can easily spruce up a boring product picture with some text overlay or cool graphics. It’ll really make the picture stand out in your follower’s Instagram feed so that they’re more likely to Like it and will want to share it with their own friends and followers. And with so many picture-editing options to choose from, you’ll have a blast perfecting each of your pictures!